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Token Sale Dates
Pre-Sale Start: 2018-08-08
Pre-Sale End: 2018-09-08
Public Sale Start : 2018-09-08
Public Sale End: 2018-10-27
Token Information
Token Symbol : ATTR
MVP/ Prototype
Private Funding
Exchange Listing
White list
Restricted Countries : USA, China
Token Features
Project Segment : Affiliate Marketing Platform
Project Type : Platform
Token Type: ERC-20
Token Financial
Total Tokens: 500,000,000
Softcap: 1,500,000 USD
Hardcap: 6,000,000 USD
Accepted currency: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token Pre Sale price : 0.012 USD
Token Main Sale price : 0.017 USD
Minimum Investment : 0.02 ETH
ICO Offer Price: 0.017 USD
Project Legality
Project Registration Country : Netherlands
Legal Company Name : Attrace B.V.
Company Email :
Company Website :
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Attrace (ATTR) ICO Review

Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform Good Concept with experienced team but need some improve some other aspects of the project. The concept is good as the big problem in the affiliate marketing is transparency that blockchain technology can resolve. However, it’s not first ICO on this concept the challenge is make a product which really can resolve the issue not seen till now with other projects hope this team will work harder. No MVP, Hope to adjust this aspect when the MVP is available.

Founding Team
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ICO Airdrop

Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only in marketing with an entirely custom made blockchain build from scratch! And fully open network capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain. Affiliate marketing is payment based on sales achieved, a $13Billion market with large trust and tracking issues caused by middle man Affiliate Network. Attrace solves all trust and tracking issues, reduces fees with ~95% and promises instant market share in 2018.

About Attrace

Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only one in online marketing with

  • Entirely custom made blockchain build from scratch (!)
  • A fully open network
  • Capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain in that way solving all trust, transparency and tracking problems as well as reducing fees with ~95% and
  • Real economical traction to be expected by the end of 2018

What is Affiliate marketing

  • In affiliate marketing, a Publisher website advertises a Merchant product and directs the generated clicks/referrals towards the Merchant. Only when Merchants closes a sale it will pay the Publisher a commission.
  • Arguably this should be the logical endpoint for a major part of all online marketing expenditures globally: Payment based on sales achieved!
  • For now, at ~5% market share ($13 Billion a year), affiliate marketing remains a small part of the total online advertising market ($260 Billion a year), predominantly due to technical and trust issues between the parties involved. This concerns especially the middleman between the Publishers and the Merchants: the Affiliate Network.
  • Affiliate Networks track all clicks/referrals/leads/sales generated and arranges all payments. In return they take a 10-25% cut of the commissions paid by the Merchant to the Publisher.

Why is Attrace unique

  • Attrace is the only affiliate marketing blockchain project that tracks and attributes every individual click/referral of a prospect, sale or no-sale, which means insights and statistics which are impossible to manipulate. If you can’t do that then using the blockchain for affiliate marketing in our view defeats the purpose. Not tracking all clicks/referrals means you cannot solve the main problems with affiliate marketing: tracking and trust issues.
  • Attrace is the only affiliate marketing project with a fully dedicated blockchain built from scratch (in Golang by Google), it is not a fork of anything. All other initiatives are using ETH which we believe in practice is not going to work (network speed problems, very high running costs and operational risk).
  • Attrace is a fully open network where all users can track at all times all registered clicks/referrals/leads/sales of all advertisements.
  • Live before end 2018 with immediate real economical traction via strategic traffic of founders team resulting in immediate Attrace (ATTR) token usage driven by the actual end-users of the platform.

Why invest in Attrace

  • very strong user case, it is solving a problem (not just adding value) in a $13Billion a year market
  • a user case you can only solve by using the key features of blockchain
  • strong tech team, fully custom made blockchain is almost completed, will go live in October
  • real economic traction to be expected by the end of 2018

We would also like to emphasise once more that Attrace is fully registered in the Netherlands, meaning fully compliant with all Dutch and European data security, legal and tax regulations. This has been decided for two reasons:

  • Protection of the investors/contributors in terms of liability of founders.
  • Attrace is a B2B solution. The sole challenge for Attrace will be to attract large old fashioned financial institutions as Merchants (banks / insurance companies). This will go easier in terms of compliance when being registered in the Netherlands vs some of the more exotic locations. This also once more confirms Attrace looks beyond the ICO and is actually planning to go live with market adaptation before the end of 2018.


Erwin Werring


Lennard Zwart


Marius Jansen


Remko Allertz


Roeland Werring

Tech Advisor

John Jansen


Rico Engelbarts

Community Outreach


Artem Vysotsky

IT & AI Advisor

Roel Berger

Blockchain network Advisor

Philip Langguth

Advisor Merchant side

Loes Mensink

Legal Advisor

Wouter Sleijffers

Advisor Merchant and Publisher side

Dick Snel

Security Advisor

Sam Garg

New Venture Governance Advisor

Ian Bednowitz

Advisor Merchant side and Advisor Emerging Markets

Steven Deurloo

ICO Advisor/Strategic Advisor

Jason Appleton (the Crypto Crow)

ICO and USA affiliate market advisor

Jason Appleton (the Crypto Crow)

ICO and USA affiliate market advisor



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