CoinAnalyst (COY) ICO Review

CoinAnalyst (COY) ICO Review
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  • Hard cap seems realistic and highly attractive from an investors perspective
  • ‍Revenue streams and token price growth modeled in detailed manner
  • Beta product finished
  • Team members extensive business and AI platform background
  • All available material was highly professional and visually pleasing
  • Very small communities and social media following at the time of review, however marketing of the ICO will start soon so these are expected to grow
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ICO Airdrop
This is where the CoinAnalyst application comes in. It provides a platform for intelligent data search and analysis for all Cryptocoin products. The time-consuming task of manually selecting and evaluating information is largely transformed into automated processes. With CoinAnalyst, we help traders to continuously gain experience about the opinions of traders and clients associated with each coin. Opportunities and risks are identified, enabling users to react promptly and proactively. The automatic monitoring of important points thus creates a higher level of security when it comes to moving in this new market. It is thus an important component for a professionalization of the crypto markets.
The value and benefits of CoinAnalyst correlate directly with the size of the crypto market. Based on current trends, it seems very likely that the market for information and data on crypto assets will explode. The stronger the growth here, the more valuable the features of CoinAnalyst become and the higher the probability that many people will use the offered service here. The information value of CoinAnalyst is growing in proportion to the number of users.

CoinAnalyst platform

CoinAnalyst provides the collected data and analyses on a structured platform. This establishes a single point of contact for traders to give them the information advantage they need to maximize profits and minimize risk. The platform offers exclusive analyses, crypto-related data feeds and a constantly updated database for all crypto currencies.
This provides a portal that is comparable to coinmarketcap.com and lists all traded coins. If you click on a coin, however, you get much more information. Essentially, these components are offered:

  • The market data is processed individually according to coins.
  • For each coin there is a status quo analysis and trend analysis.
  • A historical analysis can be used to compare current market behavior with previous KPIs.
  • A relevance analysis identifies highly relevant news and posts.

All documents and data are classified by subject and/or coin name. There is therefore a central subpage for each coin, which presents all information and data relevant to traders.

Mood detection

The analysis will focus on the mood, which is currently the driving force in the crypto markets. All documents/postings are classified according to their sentiment by a machine-learning algorithm: negative, positive or neutral. This classification shows the authors’ attitude towards certain coins. Sentiment analysis is language-dependent. The following languages are currently supported: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese. Other languages can be implemented as required.
For each coin, the trader behavior and the corresponding mood is shown from sources such as news, blogs, forums, other social media and Telegram trading groups. Under each coin the behavior and sentiment are graphically displayed.
The time period for analyzing the trader’s behavior and sentiment can be chosen by the user. It is possible to set the rolling period to the last hours. On the timeline it is then possible to analyze, for example, how the sentiment changes with regard to certain coins and depending on certain events.

Trading tips

Trading tips are also displayed for each coin, based on the data from tradingview.com. The analysis also takes into account whether a buy or sell is advised.

Pump & Dump notifications

For each coin pump & dump notifications are displayed, as they are mainly made in large Telegram groups. Subscribers can also receive a direct Telegram or mail alert for quick actions.

Information Network

CoinAnalyst datafeeds offer crypto traders two powerful advantages:

  • ‍You save traders and investors time by receiving all information in one place.
  • ‍They provide insights that are otherwise unattainable for almost all dealers.

Three customer areas in particular will benefit from CoinAnalyst:

  • Professional crypto traders and investors such as hedge funds and β€œwhalesβ€œ
  • Crypto traders and investors who are newcomers
  • Intermediaries for data providers such as stock exchange and asset management platforms

Most traders and investors are looking for a head start in information and are willing to pay for this head start. This is the reason for the size of the market for traditional financial data – it amounts to several hundred billion dollars. CoinAnalyst meets this need for an information advantage in the area of crypto currencies.

The CoinAnalyst Token – COY

We create an ERC20 utility token with the short name β€œCOY”, which allows the use of crypto services within the CoinAnalyst ecosystem. Using the COYs within the CoinAnalyst ecosystem will provide additional benefits for the users – and network benefits to further stimulate CoinAnalyst’s growth.

Team members

Pascal Lauria – Founder and CEO
Tobias Schnorr – Founder and CTO
Simon Hentschel – Founder and CMO
Marc Dunbar – CFO
Martin Kreitschmann – Product Manager, UX
Thomas Reuter – Data Scientist
Michael Krieger – Data Scientist
Alexandra Vetter – Data Scientist
Alessia Iosco – Data Scientist
Hung Xuan Thi Do – Data Scientist
Christian Schwirtz – Key Account Manager
Tobias Zimmer – Business Development
Monika Kraus – Backoffice


Richard Kastelein – Blockchain Advisor
Yagub Rahimov – Investor & Marketing Advisor
Onik Mia – Blockchain Advisor
Maria Pennanen – Tech Advisor
Anke Weingardt – Marketing Advisor
Robert Weingardt – Blockchain Advisor
John Harrison Pockler – Business Development Advisor North America
Ram Shoham – Advisor
Christoph Endter – Advisor Business Development Financial Sector (DACH)
Hassan Sohbi – Advisor
Lukas Fiedler – Advisor
Christina Ulardic – Business Development Advisor Switzerland
Thomas HΓ€ntsch – Advisor

CoinAnalyst ICO review and analysis

Below you can read our objective review and analysis for CoinAnalyst (COY):


  • Hard cap seems realistic and highly attractive from an investors perspective
  • ‍Revenue streams and token price growth modeled in detailed manner
  • Beta product finished
  • Team members extensive business and AI platform background
  • All available material was highly professional and visually pleasing


Potential concerns
  • Very small communities and social media following at the time of review, however marketing of the ICO will start soon so these are expected to grow

Modeling revenue streams and token price growth in a detailed manner is a fantastic way of showing your potential investors how the business will likely develop.
Having a beta product finished is a valuable differentiating factor in the ICO space.
Team members have extensive prior experience in relevant industries like business development and artificial intelligence and big data. These skills are scarce and highly valued when developing something like CoinAnalyst.

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Marjorie grew up in CA and graduated in Civil Er. She is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and exited several companies in tech and media over the past 5 years. She is also an early stage investor and advisor in various blockchain-based companies and is currently based in Honduras.

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