Cryptum (CRTM) Token ICO Crowdsale

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Symbol: CRTM

Crowdsale opening date: 09/16/2017

Crowdsale closing date: 10/16/2017

Cryptum is funding an ultimate high-end board game development line, starting with one of the kind strategy game
“Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game”. Cryptum tokens are practically a lifetime subscription to our board games based on a required number of tokens owned in order to gain free access to the products. In addition, all token owners have access to optional features like free initial amount from our upcoming Cryptumcoin and claims from our shared project profits.


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Nikolai Tsekov – Project Manager


Anton Belev – Co-founder



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Ethereum Blockchain

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Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens
Board games published developing the first cyptomining board game, and developer of Cryptumcoin Equihash-based PoW coin.
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Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @farmfarmleyte Not a big deal, just behind schedule. 19 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @farmfarmleyte @crypto_blog Holidays... We don't like it either, imagine that. 22 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @BTCTN No, they didn't, they've supposedly shut down some local BS exchanges accounts. Please don't believe everything in Internet. 23 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens No dev update on Cryptumcoin - still on it together with @crypto_blog, have faith for few more days! 24 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens The Earth just took a long deep breath and then the power switched to mining Vertcoins. 24 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @cryptumcoin Still not ready, will be announced 24h prior to launch. 24 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens Do not send CRTM tokens to - they've added Corethum, using the same ticker, and overrode th… 24 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens Cryptumcoin launch will be delayed for a few days: #Cryptumcoin #Equihash 24 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens RT @officialmcafee: Bitcoin has created a new paradigm of unprecedented scale, and the backlash against it is also unprecedented. "Bubble,… 25 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @ramikawach @BittrexExchange Man, you are still 1000 times faster than the sunken Kraken! Cheers! 25 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens @WolfOfPoloniex Be careful, the leader of all wannabes spoke: 26 weeks ago
Cryptumcoin Cryptumcoin @CryptumTokens Following a link on the BTG website and you get scammed. And we thought BTG can't fail any more than that... 26 weeks ago

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