Yezcoin Airdrop

Yezcoin Airdrop
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Airdrop Dates
Airdrop Start Date: 2018-10-01
Airdrop End Date: 2018-12-31
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Yezcoin - Using Blockchain technology to promote your rights to your digital identity and your digital data. We are on a mission to make the digital world safer for everyone

Yezcoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that combines the speed of a centralized exchange with the world class security of a decentralized exchange. We are dedicated to security and have tripled security measures by verifying traders with their biometric information and preventing them from sending their crypto to known scam artists and Internationally sanctioned addresses.

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  • YezWallet
  • Yezcoin has developed YezWallet (Cryptocurrency Wallet for YEZ tokens).
  • It has the following advanced features:
  • 1. Users can create a new wallet in seconds with Google or Facebook login. Users simply login to their selected option to
  • create a new wallet account.
  • 2. YezWallet automatically provides a default passphrase that is easy to remember to unlock the wallet. This feature focuses
  • on user friendliness first and users have options to update their stronger passphrase when they are familiar with the process.
  • 3. YezWallet allows one click download of a file containing all important information about this newly created wallet. The
  • default name of this file is the wallet address for ease of reference. Again, this feature focuses on user onboarding process
  • first and addresses the pain point that many new users lose access to their crypto wallet accounts because of misplacing
  • the wallet keys.
  • 4. YezWallet also removes unnecessary steps to access YEZ tokens and can send/receive YEZ from the first screen.
  • 5. YezWallet is also equipped with QR Code scanning for receiving and sending along with quick copy of wallet address. It also
  • displays full history of transactions with timestamp for audit trail.
  • 6. YezWallet can be used anywhere in the world with default currency settings that instantly convert YEZ price and net worth
  • to the selected currency with real-time exchange rates.
  • 7. YezWallet hides unnecessary complexity of multiple wallets and multiple tokens in the settings and allows users to switch
  • to an advanced mode if preferred.
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We are giving away 25 YEZ (Yezcoin token) to the first 10K users who sign up our FREE wallet at wallet.yezcoin.com.


We are also giving away 250 YEZ (a $50 value absolutely free) to the first 10K users who participate in our FREE digital identity program. Check out the details at Englishtelegram.yezcoin.com

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